Q: What is Co-Insurance?
A: Co-insurance is the term used by health insurance companies to refer to the amount that you are required to pay for a medical claim, apart from any co-payments or deductible. For example, if your health insurance plan has a 20% coinsurance requirement (and does not have any additional co-payment or deductible requirements), then a $100 medical bill would cost you $20, and the insurance company would pay the remaining $80.

Q: What Doctors can I see?
A: Your plan contracts with a wide range of doctors, as well as specialists, hospitals, labs, radiology facilities and pharmacies. These are the providers in your “network.” Each of these providers has agreed to accept your plan’s contracted rate as payment in full for services.  Before picking a plan, we will first determine if your preferred doctor or clinic is “In-Network”.   This will help us decide which company to go with.  Keep in mind that Subsidized Affordable Care Act plans that are “On The Exchange” have VERY limited networks.

Q: Am I locked into a contract?
A: No, You are free to cancel your policies at any time.

Q: Why do I need an insurance agent?
A: An agent can assess your needs, explain complex policy riders, and do all the work for you to gather rates, available options, and benefit information.

Q: Are my rates higher if I have an insurance agent?
A: No, they are the exact same if you have an agent or not. So why not have an expert on your side!

Q: How many employees do I need to have a group plan?
A: You will need at least 2 employees to form a group and the second employee can’t be a spouse.

Q: Do I have to pay my employees’ premiums on a group plan?
A: Most insurance companies require the employer to contribute a minimum of 50% of the employees’ premium. The employer is not required to contribute any portion of the employees’ spouse and dependent premium.

Q: Obamacare is very expensive; do I have any other options?
A: Yes, there are a lot of plans available that you won’t find on Healthcare.gov. Ask one of our agents if they are a good fit for you.

Q: Are you hiring?
A: Yes! See our Join the Team section and send a resume to dmccormick@myhst.com